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Welcome to the page, those who are interested in Technical diving courses. Our Technical diving courses are conducted in Cenote Xplore Dive Center Mexico according to IANTD  and TDI requirements. We are located on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, possibly the best training location in the world and have 12 years of experience teaching technical diving from beginner to advanced.

Technical diving courses include several basic diver development steps from Advanced EANx Diver to Hypoxic Trimix Diver or equivalent. Training is conducted in English and Russian.

Course nameMinimal duration (days)
Discover Tec*1
Nitrox Diver / TDI Basic Nitrox1
Essentials Diver / TDI Intro To Tech3 / From 3
Sidemount Diver / SDI Sidemount3
Tec Sidemount Diver / TDI Sidemount3
Advanced EANx Diver + Tec 40 / TDI Advanced Nitrox4
Tec 45 / TDI Decompression Procedures4
Trimix 45 / TDI Helitrox2
Trimix 502
Technical Diver/ Tec 504
Normoxic Trimix Diver/ Tec 654
Tec Trimix Diver5
Hypoxic Trimix Diver / Tec Trimix (Hypoxic) Diver 5
OW DPV Diver3
Nitrox Gas Blender1
Trimix Gas Blender1


Combined coursesMinimal duration (days)
Essentials or Sidemount + Advanced Nitrox Diver6
Tec 45 + Trimix 45 / TDI Advanced Nitrox + TDI DP5
Tec 50 + Trimix 505
Tec 40 + Tec 45 + Tec 507
Tec 40 + Tec 45 + Tec 50 + Trimix 508
Tec 65 + Tec Trimix (Hypoxic) Diver 7

For groups (3 persons max) – 200 USD/per person/per day

Individual (1 person) – 220 USD/per person/per day 

Included: Transfer from Playa del Carmen and back, V – weights,  doubles / sidemount tanks + Nitrox 32% feel, Course reading/manuals, Dry/in-water training, 2 dives per day,  Cenotes entry fees, Final exam.

Not included: Equipment rental, Boat rental,  DPV rental $85 USD/per day for DPV Diver course, Trimix feel, Certification fee.

Technical Course

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Technical diving courses