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Neoprene wetsuit TROPICO 3mm

Neoprene wetsuit

Rofos offers a range of wetsuits and shorties for temperate waters that ranges from one-piece in 3 mm.

Technical features

  • Double-lined 3 mm neoprene.
  • Heat-reflective plush lining inside.
  • Built with waterproof gluing.
  • Knees with flexible scratch-resistant covering.
  • Shoulders with anti-slip protection for BC shoulder straps.
  • Low-profile waterproof wrists and ankles in 3 mm single-lined neoprene with excellent glide.
  • Vertical rear zip, with a long strap and a grommet at the end in order for you to put the suit on without any help.
  • Collar made of soft neoprene coated with titanium to limit water seepage, and closed in back with a hook and loop strap.

Price: 149.00$

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