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Light trilaminate drysuit RS350 HD

Light trilaminate drysuit RS350 HD

Twin sister of RS350 TR, it cannot be distinguished with the naked eye: it differs only in the material, identical to the eye.

The new material is a bit less breathable but it is sturdier internally. Also it remains lightweight (the suit weighs about 3 kg), resistant on the outside and delicate in the inside. The RS350 HD is therefore a very good suit that requires same care of RS350 TR.

For its quality/price ratio RS350 HD becomes a new standard among trilaminate drysuits.

Technical features

  • Three layers Rofotex 2.0
  • Fully taped interior.
  • Telescoping torso with a quick-adjusting crotch strap.
  • Entirely Made in Italy.
  • Cordura® 1000 reinforcements on: shoulders, elbows, forearms, sitting, knees, shins, crotch and harness.
  • Two four-compartment Cordura® 1000 pockets: self-draining, closed with high strength straps and equipped with six rubber bands inside them.
  • Waterproof front zipper with Cordura® protective bib closed with nylon zipper. Waterproof zipper can be chosen between BDM and YKK Aquaseal.
  • Low-profile rotating inflation valve with central button and automatic and manual exhaust valve.
  • Latex neck seal, with 5 mm superstretch neoprene warm neck collar for improved comfort and heat retention.
  • Comes with one hood that can be chosen between a superstretch collar hood with differentiated thickness, the Glide 7/5 mm, the Glide 5 mm and the Glide 9/5 mm.
  • Embedded boots in 3 mm neoprene with a rigid sole and removable inner sockliner, to make it even stiffer if necessary. Reinforcements on the instep and loop tape fraying.
  • Reinforced supports for p-valve.
  • Adjustable elastic and completely removable suspenders; they have an elastic ring to hold the sleeves when the suit is not completely worn.
  • Adjustable drawstring waist for better fit.
  • Comes complete with no-freeze hose and carrying bag.
  • Possible choice of overlay and colored threads.
  • Weight 3 Kg.


The diver can customize trilaminate drysuits as he likes, upon request and payment.

Neck: standard neck is latex, but you can choose the neoprene neck seal and even choose the interchangeable neck (silicone or latex).

Wrists: standard cuff is latex, but you may prefer the interchangeable cuff, and mount the dry gloves later on.

Dry gloves: you can have the suit already with rings for dry gloves.

Boots: standard boots are neoprene, but you can choose the neoprene sock to be worn under a lace-up boot with a rigid technical lug sole (Rock Boot).

P-valve: The standard suits only have reinforcements for the p-valve, but you can choose to have the suit with a Light Monkey p-valve already fitted.

Standard the suit is a “all-black” look, but you can request some color changes for overlay and seams.

The availability of colored Cordura ranges from blue to green, to red, to gray. You can also choose between two different overlay layout.

> Find out the colors and combinations available!



Price: 1,399.00$

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