Thank you for your interest in the CENOTE XPLORE project! 

As a non-profit organization, CENOTE XPLORE PROJECT counts on the help of the members of the organization in achieving our goals – creating conditions for training divers at the new highest level, researching and preserving the underwater world. Your membership in the CENOTE XPLORE PROJECT will help bring us closer to establishing a new era of interaction between man and the underwater world.

By becoming a member of the CENOTE XPLORE PROJECT, you will not only receive benefits corresponding to your participation in the life of the organization (such as, for example, including you in the forum mailing list, etc.), but also support a community of people interested in improving everything The world’s oceans and cave studies in Yucatan. Therefore, we are always happy to help interested volunteers. The economic realities of modern life are such that only with the financial support of our members can we accelerate our development and realize our common goals.

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