If a person has the opportunity to lead an unusual life,
he has no right to refuse it.

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Cave and technical diving training in our CENOTE XPLORE dive center is conducted according to the international standards of the IANTD and PADI systems in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We do not try to sell more courses, we do not try to gain a lot of students, we try to teach those who really want to learn what we love ourselves. We insist that every dive should be safe first. Our dive center, one of the few that conducts courses cave and technical diving. The training is conducted by the instructor IANTD, PADI – Andrew Stanishevsky. He has been diving for over 20 years, has taught a large number of courses and has extensive diving experience in different parts of the world.

We offer in-depth diving training based on real-life scenarios of potential problems using the most modern approaches and technologies to solve them.

We just love what we do, perhaps this is our main difference.


Mexico is one of the best places in the world for cave diving and technical diving training. Warm water, all year round diving season, variety of depths for both beginners and more experienced divers, variety of caves and reefs.
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