FAQ | Cenote Diving in Mexico


. The Riviera Maya is located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and is well removed from such troubles. If it wasn’t safe, we wouldn’t live here. Of course, it makes sense to leave your mobile phone, wallet and passport locked in a safe and not take it on dives. You probably wouldn’t leave them on a beach in your country, would you?


Don’t take our word for it, check with your local Mexican embassy or consulate. It will take a couple of minutes, just a phone call or email.


As is the case with most airports in the world, upon exiting the terminal you will be offered transportation services at different rates 😉 We can arrange a private transfer to take you directly to your accommodation or to our apartments for $100 (for 1-3 person) and 150 USD (for a group of 4-12 people) one way. Playa del Carmen is a 60-70 minute drive from Cancun. In addition, the airport has air-conditioned ADO buses that leave for Playa del Carmen, every 30 minutes, they can travel 1.5 hours, but cost $12. If you plan to travel independently with your rental car during your stay, we recommend that you book your car online before arrival to get good deals from companies.


We are located north of Playa del Carmen, one block from the main road (karatera), 3 minutes drive from the beach, so for convenience we usually recommend that you stay in hotels or apartments close to us. There are many local accommodation options, from hostels to apartments and cheap and decent private hotels and boutique hotels, just a few minutes drive from our dive center. Self-catering apartments and luxury villas are located in the Playacar area and in Puerto Aventuras. The beach area has all the “eco-posh” hotels that typically cost $200-$700 per night, although great online rental deals can be made during the low season. The beach is only 800 m from the dive center. The beaches as far north as Cancun and south to Tulum are mostly all-inclusive resorts, a good option for families, especially those with small children. Good deals, including airfare, can certainly be found through your travel agent. If you need our help let us know what you are looking for and we will help you.


The weather on the Riviera Maya is usually amazing and there are only two seasons. The cooler and drier season ranges from November to April. At this time of the year, heat and humidity are significantly reduced. Although of course there may be rain, but it comes very quickly and leaves just as quickly. The average temperature during the dry season is around 27º degrees. A pleasant sea breeze often blows from the sea and keeps the weather in perfect order. The warm and humid season here ranges from May to October. Heavy rainfall usually occurs at night and can last for hours or just a few minutes. One benefit of this is that tropical storms tend to bring temperatures down to a comfortable level and usually end very quickly. Northerly winds can make the weather cloudy and humid for several days. The average temperature during the wet season averages around 31º Celsius. The hurricane season usually falls between June and October. Although hurricanes are common in the Caribbean, they rarely reach the coast of our little world, and I think that we will feel quite safe underground 😉 The traditional series of holidays called “high season” lasts from late October to May, and this season is filled with divers and tourists. The rest of the year it’s a more relaxed atmosphere and luckily for me there will be the opportunity to dive in the caves for myself.

The average water temperature in the caves is 25ºC.