Cenote Zapote

Cenote Zapote

Cenote Zapote (Hells Bells) is open daily. There are toilets, a little parking, but only one table for equipment. To get to the cenote, you need to walk a little from the parking lot to the steps that lead to a small platform on the surface of the water. The entrance to the cave starts at a depth of 67m, but for cave diving the maximum depth is 30m. The halocline is located at a depth of 31 m.

This cenote has two names – the first comes from the Mayan name for the trees “tzapotl” – Sapote, growing around the cenote. This is an evergreen tree that grows mainly in southern Mexico and reaches a height of 20 m. It is valued for its delicious fruits and seed oil, which is widely used for medicinal purposes, as well as for its wood. The second describes quite accurately the amazing bell-shaped formations growing in the dark that you will see during the dive.

This cenote is located on the “Road of the Cenotes” – the old road leading from Puerto Morelos to Valladolid. After driving about 20 km. on this highway, you will see the turn sign for “Kin Ha”. After the turn you will have to drive more into the jungle for about 7 km.

Cenote ZapoteCenote Zapote is a cenote with a typical hourglass profile or scientifically speaking “sinkhole”. When you are on the surface, walls rise above you, resembling a rampart. You start your dive at the very top of the “clock”, and the walls gradually narrow to a depth of 20 m, after which they begin to widen again. At a depth of 31 meters, a halocline will be waiting for you along with a hazy layer of hydrogen sulfide on top of it. After passing through this layer, you will find yourself under a canopy of walls and encounter the most amazing formations imaginable.

They are described in completely different ways. Some people say they look like shower heads or bells, others they look like elephant legs or pipes. Their strange beauty and impressive size leave no one indifferent.

This dive is only for experienced divers due to the depth and the need for perfect buoyancy control, but it is also one of the most spectacular dives.

The minimum recommended level of diving certification is Advanced Nitrox Diver or Introductory Cave Diver IANTD or equivalent of another certifying organization.


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