Cenote El PitCenote El Pit

Cenote El Pit (The Pit) is open daily. There are no great amenities here – the toilet is only after reconstruction, so far there are no changing rooms. Lots of parking and plenty of tables to assemble equipment. Entering and exiting the water is very difficult, and will require considerable physical effort from you. You have to walk – about 60 meters from the parking lot to the cenote on a very rocky path. You will have to go in all your gear and go down the steep stairs to the wooden platform below. It is convenient to enter the water with a giant step. After the dive, your guide will show you where and how to climb back up. The maximum depth is 124 m, for cavern divers it is limited to 30 m. The halocline is located at a depth of 15 m.

For a long time, El Pit was practically closed to the public, and its location was kept secret. It is still not easy to get there, but it is possible.

This will be one of your most difficult and risky dives. Here you will feel the spirit of real adventure. But, believe me, your efforts will not go unrewarded – the beauty of this place more than compensates for all the difficulties and inconveniences.

El Pit is the deepest part of the Dos Ojos cave system and the deepest cave discovered in Quintana Ru with a maximum depth of 124m. This dive is for experienced divers only and you will need to carefully control your buoyancy throughout the dive.

Cenote El PitYou will begin your dive in crystal clear fresh water through which the rays of the sun break through. Just like in Angelita, at a depth of about 30 m you will see an island shrouded in a haze of hydrogen sulfide. Here, the layer of hydrogen sulfide is not so dense, and the sun’s rays break through it with you.

This light you will be able to see all the way back to the El Pit entrance. There will be broken trees around you, and looking up, you will see other divers – tiny people at the mouth of the cenote. On the way up, you will pass giant stalactites and at the safety stop, admire the beautifully decorated cenote walls and well-preserved Mayan pottery shards.

This is probably one of the most awe inspiring and spectacular dive sites you will ever see. Dive time about 40 min.

Minimum diver certification level AOWD + perfect buoyancy


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