Cenote El Eden – Ponderosa

Cenote El Eden is open every day except Saturday. For registered dive centers only. There are toilets, parking, tables for equipment. Easy entry, equipped with a convenient descent into the water. Installed stationary golden cavern line. Maximum depth 15 m. Halocline at a depth of 12 m.

Ponderosa is located 10 minutes south of Puerto Aventuros, on Highway 307, very close to Chikin Ha Cenote.

It is a very popular place for snorkeling, cavern diving and cave diving. You can also often meet instructors with students here – this is one of the best places to take various courses, OWD and Full Cave divers often study nearby.

Ponderosa is a very large, open cenote with crystal clear waters that is home to turtles, numerous fish, and even freshwater eels.

Shallow depth makes this place ideal for snorkelers and for the brave ones who jump into the cenote from a 5-meter cliff. As usual, they do not pay any attention to divers passing below them.

The entrance to the cavern is large enough, the golden cavern line starts deep in the cavern, so your guide will definitely use a reel to connect the open water to the line. As soon as you start moving along the cavern line, you will clearly see the light ahead – this is Cenote Coral, which is 90 meters away from you. This gives a great idea of ​​how clear the water really is and how great the visibility is here in the Riviera Maya Caverns.

The tunnel leading from Ponderosa to Coral is so big you can fly a Boeing 747 through it. It is a joke, of course! But it’s really, really big. Further, the walkway will take you to the edge of Coral Cenote, so that you can admire the play of light in the roots of the mangroves, and the refraction of the sun’s rays in the halocline. This is a very impressive light show. Watch out for the thin layer of hydrogen sulfide that is trapped in fresh and salt water at the far end of the cavern.

Minimum certification – OWD + perfect buoyancy.

Cenote El Eden


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