Cenote Chac Mool

Open daily. There is convenient parking, showers, toilets, changing rooms. Maximum depth 15 m. Halocline at a depth of 12 m. There are two stationary running ends, both yellow, connecting Chac Mool cenote and the Little Brother cenote. These are two completely independent routes, each of which starts and ends in open water. Your guide will choose an entry point depending on the time of day and the weather so that your itinerary gets as much sunshine as possible.

Cenote Chac MoolBoth directions – upstream and downstream – will lead you to a huge hall full of amazing formations. Here you can watch the rays of the sun come through the holes in the ceiling, creating bright blue light “lasers” on your way. If you look around, you will see a large number of broken stalactites. They probably fell due to some natural disaster that occurred thousands of years ago. One of the cavern lines will lead you straight to the clusters of various stalactites and stalagmites that adorn the wall with intricate mosaics. The other is to the surface of the cenote, through which you can see the wild jungle. This spectacle is especially impressive in summer, when algae bloom on the surface of the cenote, turning everything around into an ominous foggy world.

There are two entrances for cave divers – upstream and downstream. In the first case, your dive will start from the impressive hall “The Battleship room”, which really resembles the place of an underwater battle due to the huge number of stalactites, and here is an amazing halocline. If you go with the flow, you can see the largest stalactite in the world, located in a beautiful hall 45 minutes from the entrance to the cave.

Minimum certification – OWD + perfect buoyancy.


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