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Cenote Casa

Cenote Casa is the last “section” of the Nohoch Nah Chich cave system, which in turn is part of the huge Sac Aktun system (the second largest underwater cave system in the world). Just a small, crumbling bridge separates Casa Cenote from the sea. In a few decades, this bridge will disappear, turning the cenote into a natural bay – “caleta”

Here, standing on the shore, you can see a seething cauldron in the place where fresh water comes out of the cenote and combines with salt water. Thanks to this connection, two different ecosystems successfully coexist in the cenote – freshwater and marine. There are a lot of mangrove trees in this place, which creates a stunning underwater effect – divers can swim through the “jungle” from their roots, feeling like in a parallel world. Shallow depth, crystal clear water and a variety of underwater life make this place ideal for learning to dive, intro diving and snorkeling. However, experienced cave divers will not be left out either. Here you can make a small traverse – and get out of the cenote into the sea, passing under the fragile vaults of the “bridge”.

Cenote Casa

Such traverse dive is not for beginners, because, as you know, the closer the cave is to the sea, the more fragile the world inside it is. Here it is very easy to get into zero visibility by swinging your fins incorrectly. And even if everything is done correctly, deposits from the ceiling will fall from above like snow, due to bubbles. Another option for cave divers is to dive into the cave on the opposite side of the cenote. This part of the Nohoch cave is not inferior in beauty to the rest of the system, but much more fragile. With proper preparation, you can traverse from here to the other side of the federal highway, getting off in one of the cenotes of the Sac Aktun system.

Minimum level of OWD certification, PADI Discover Scuba Diving programs for beginners are possible here as well.

     Cenote Casa


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