Cenote Car Wash

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Cenote Car Wash

Cenote Car Wash (Aktun Ha) is open daily. There are changing rooms and toilets. Convenient parking with tables for equipment. Very easy entry and exit, just a few meters from the parking lot to the water. There is golden line in the cavern zone. Maximum depth 18 m.

This is a very popular dive site suitable for swimming, cavern and cave diving. It is located on the highway to Coba, a 15-minute drive from Tulum. Since it is very close to the road, it was one of the first to be discovered and explored in the area. It got its second name – “Carwash” because of the habit of local taxi drivers to wash cars here. Of course, this was before it became a place of mass pilgrimage for divers. Its Mayan name Aktun Ha means Cave Water.

There are two different entrances available in the Carwash Cenote for cave divers – the dive can be done downstream or upstream. However, most divers prefer to go against the current – the entrance is wider, more open and scenic.

During the summer months in this cenote, algae blooms can be observed on the surface of the water, which significantly reduces visibility in the surface layer. The layer of algae absorbs the sunlight and the water becomes warm like in a bathtub. After you pass this layer, you will feel that the water has become colder and crystal clear. Sunlight, penetrating through the algae, paints everything around in an amazing green and orange colors. The entrance to the cavern is quite wide, a lot of light penetrates there, turning everything around into a phantasmogorical landscape.

Cenote Car Wash

There are fallen tree trunks at the entrance, creating the effect of a “fairytale forest”. This is one of the favorite places for underwater photographers. The cavern itself is decorated with numerous fancy caramel and brown stalactites. If you’re really lucky, you might come across a blind albino fish here. This cenote is also home to several turtles and a small crocodile. They usually hide from divers at the other end of the lake.

Cenote Car Wash is a popular training spot for cave divers and is the origin of a magnificent cave that is worth seeing with your own eyes.

Minimum level of diving certification for recreational OWD route + perfect buoyancy.


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