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Cenote Angelita

Cenote Angelita, which means “little angel” is located two dozen kilometers south of the center of Tulum. This typical sinkhole is one of the few cenotes available for deep diving without cave certification. The cenote is a vertical well with edges tapering towards the surface, approximately 60 meters in diameter and 64 meters deep.

Entering the water can be done with a giant step from the equipped platform, which made entering and exiting the water much more comfortable. Dive into Cenote Angelita begins from a fall into the gray haze, from 18-20 meters an island appears, looking out from a foggy lake.

The layer of water from 20 to 30 meters is so transparent that it seems that you are floating in “air”. A complete illusion of flight is created. The cloud begins at a depth of about 31 meters where about a three-meter layer of water saturated with hydrogen sulfide, formed during the decomposition of organic matter that fell into the cenote from the surface. An island protrudes above it, the upper part of which consists of tree branches and trunks that have fallen into.

When diving under a cloud of hydrogen sulfide, you find yourself in almost complete darkness, the layer of water saturated with hydrogen sulfide effectively absorbs light. The slopes of the hill are littered with tree branches, foliage and a layer of silt, which immediately rises from the bottom from the slightest careless movement of flippers.

Cenote Angelita

During the ascent, you will move in an upward spiral, past huge stalactites, until you reach a depth of 6 meters, where the decompression stop line located. This is a great place for a safety stop.

The recommended diving depth for the Cenote Angelita in a single cylinder configuration is 30 meters. Dive time 40 – 45 minutes.

A visit to the Cenote Angelita site is recommended for experienced divers only.

Minimum AOWD certification level required.


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