1. The company “CENOTE XPLOREDIVE CENTER MEXICO” undertakes to perform recreational dives in cenotes from the package you have chosen with a discount of 5 and 10% of the price.

2. Conditions for granting a discount:

– minimum group of 2 people, except for those packages where the minimum number of participants is agreed upon separately.

– booking online at least a week before your first dive within the selected package, except for those packages where the booking period is agreed separately.

3. The names of the cenotes in which the dives will be performed must be agreed in advance. If the names of the cenotes are not directly indicated in the package, then the dives are performed in the basic cenotes of Solidaridad.

4. The discount applies to your chosen package. When changing the dive plan, including any other package, the discount does not apply.

5. When booking a package, a prepayment of 50% of the total cost is made, but not less than USD 100 per person.

Full payment for discounted dives is made at the dive center prior to diving.

6. Discounts do not apply to cenote entrance tickets and fuel surcharges for remote cenotes outside Solidaridad County.

7. Discounts do not apply to equipment rental, unless otherwise agreed.

8. In case of refusal to fully execute the package program, funds are returned in full, except for:

– 30% prepayment for early booking,

– the cost of the dives performed.

Completed dives are priced at standard prices, no discounts for dives as part of a package, and no discounts.

9. Dives within the package are made in succession, every day, without interruption. If you want to dive not every day, then you should inform us about this in a letter, using the page FEEDBACK

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