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I am TECHNICAL CAVE INSTRUCTOR IANTD, Normoxic Trimix, TEC Sidemount Instructor # 8904 , FULL CAVE INSTRUCTOR TDI #32476 & Master Instructor/Tec Trimix Instructor PADI #634430. The training is conducted according to the IANTD and TDI standards from the entry level to the professional level.

I am happy that I am doing my favorite thing and I can share my knowledge and experience. I have experience in diving in such countries as Ukraine, Russia (Horde, Wad), Crimea, Turkey, Egypt, Maldives, Costa Rica (Cocos Island), Philippines, Australia, Cambodia, Fiji Islands, Mexico (Pacific, Caribbean, caves Yucatan).
I developed and adopted my diving and instructor experience from personalities and researchers known in the world of diving:  Kirill Egorov, Daniel Riordan, Christoph Le Maillot, Kelvin Davidson, Lanny Vogel and Alexandro Reato.
The way of life consists of teaching, trying as often as possible to dive into the caves and do deep diving for myself, not only in the framework of the programs I teach, I participate in seminars and trainings, projects on studying new local caves.

Puerto Aventuras, Solidaridad,
Quintana Roo, Mexico, 77710
Tel, Whats App : +52 984 128 2377

– Higher Political Scool of the VV MVD USSR – 60th anniversary of the Komsomol.  Leningrad City, 1991.
– National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine. Kiev City, 1997 .

2000 – 2022 the total number of dives 7000+
of them:
– in the caves 1100+
– in the caverns 1400+
– technical OC with decompression 337
– with rebreather PSCR 156
– with rebreather PSCR in the cave 36
– with the rebreather PSCR, technical with decompression 71
– with the use of DPV 165
– using DPV in caves 30
– in caves with rebreather and scooter (DPV) 3
– CCR dives 51
– under the ice 100+

Education in diving:
2004 – Divemaster, OWSI PADI
2007 – Trimix Diver DSAT
2008  GUE  Diver (Global Underwater Explorers).
2009 – TEC TRIMIX Instructor
2010 – GUE Tech 1 (Global Underwater Explorers).
2011 – GUE DPV 1 (Global Underwater Explorers).
2012 – PSC Rebreather
2014 – IANTD Cave Diver
2014 – IANTD Advanced EANx Instructor.
2015 – PADI Cavern Instructor, PADI Sidemount Instructor
2016 – IANTD Cavern Instructor
2017 – IANTD Introductory Cave Instructor
2017 – IANTD Tec Sidemount Instructor
2017 – IANTD Introductory Cave Instructor
2018 – IANTD Essentials Instructor
2018 – IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor
2018 – IANTD Technical Cave Instructor
2019 – IANTD OW DPV Instructor
2021 – TDI Full Cave Instructor
2022 – Fathom CCR ART Plus Diver

Work in diving:
2004 – 2006  Diveafrica Watersport, Sharm El Shekh, Egypt
2007 – DC Goliaf, Kremia
2008 – 2011 DC Divecollege, Donetsk
2012 – 2013 DC Divecollege, Balaklava, Kremia
2014 – 2022 CENOTEXPLORE, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Vital interests: history, travel, moto.

Languages: Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Technical Cave Diver
Normoxic Trimix Diver
Tec Sidemount
Introductory Cave
Cavern Diver
Ice Diver
Emergency Oxygen Provider
Altitude Diver
Dgital Underwater Photography
Equipment Specialist
Fish Identification
Underwater Naturalist
Underwater Navigator
Boat Diver
Drift Diver
Night Diver
Multilevel Diver
Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)
Wreck Diver
Dry Suit Diver
Seacrh & Recovery
Enriched Air Diver
Underwater videography
Underwater photography
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Care for Children w/AED
Project AWARE
AWARE Coral Reef Conserv
Deep Diver
Tec 40
Tec 45
Tec 50
Trimix 45
Trimix 50
Trimix 65
Trimix Blender
Nitrox Blender